Hemp charcoal incense cone shape, cedar aroma
  • Hemp charcoal incense cone shape, cedar aroma

Hemp charcoal incense cone shape, cedar aroma

Contents: 20 pieces
Ingredients: Cannabis (variety: Tochigi Shiro)
Country of origin: Japan
Size: 80 mm (length) X 80 mm (width) X 35 mm (height)
Usage: Burn at the entrance of the house to create a pleasant space. Create your own special time. As a special item for meditation and relaxation, it also provides purification and calmness in a variety of settings. You can also mix essential oils such as frankincense and neroli to create your own original fragrance.
※Please store away from high temperature and humidity.
※Each product is handmade, so each one has its own unique characteristics. Please note that slight differences in color and shape may occur.

◾️ Features
✔︎ Bring the aroma of traditional fire festivals into your home: The purifying power of the smoke from the hemp husk (torimatsu) used at Japanese shrines is recreated in the aroma of hemp charcoal and cedar leaves. With this incense, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese fire festival in your own home.
✔︎ Handmade Warmth: Each piece is handmade by artisans and dried by natural wind and sunlight. Enjoy the warmth and subtle differences in color and shape that only handmade products can provide.
✔︎ Special quality of Noshu hemp: Noshu hemp is grown at the foot of Ashio Mountain in Tochigi Prefecture. Its luster and toughness have long been known for its high quality. Noshu hemp is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material.
✔︎ Gentle fragrance: Low smoke and the scent of cedar leaves is peaceful and calming.

◾️ Product Origin and Historical Background
✔︎ The Sacred Role of Hemp: Since ancient times, hemp has been considered a plant that "warded off evil" and "dwelt with the gods" and is an essential part of Shinto rituals, weddings, and funerals. Hemp's rapid growth and rooting are also symbols of growth and prosperity, and it has been believed to bring good luck and good fortune.
✔︎ Hemp and Japanese Tradition: Hemp is used in traditional Japanese cultural and milestone ceremonies. Hemp has played an important role in many occasions, such as the shimenawa of shrines, the shimenawa of yokozuna (sumo wrestlers), the iwata obi (belt), and kyoshiraga (joint white hair).

This product offers a recreation of the hemp culture nurtured in Japan's long history and deep culture, in a form that can be easily incorporated into modern life. Its sacred fragrance and smoke not only purify the place, but also bring a sense of calm and peace of mind to the user. Please experience a part of the ancient Japanese hemp culture through this incense.

◾️ Producers
✔︎ 400 years of history: The store is run by the 8th generation of hemp farmers who have been growing hemp in Japan for over 400 years, maintaining the tradition.
✔︎ Consistent management of hemp: We grow hemp (Oasa) from seed and manage the entire process in-house, from harvesting to hot watering, hemp pulling, fine hemp drying, and further processing.

With the techniques and passion that have been passed down through eight generations, the company produces luster, thin, and strong hemp. All of our products are carefully crafted one by one by our artisans, and we are confident in the quality of our products.


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