Kyoto Asanoha, we create the world's first Hand-made Hemp textile "Sensu Fan" from Kyoto & its traditional culture presents a way of Fragrance with essential oil soaked in.

12,000 years ago, people in Japan were cultivating hemp, even earlier than rice farming. The hemp plant, with its robustness and versatility, was deeply ingrained in their lives.

From the Heian to the Kamakura period, the symbol of hemp, the 'Asanoha' pattern, was born. This pattern serves as a symbol that communicates the long history and importance of hemp to the present day. However, as time has passed and we've reached the modern era, hemp as a material and its associated culture has become almost forgotten by the people.

Meanwhile, "Lingering fragrance" culture was very important for communication this time. Early and Middle Heian Period (8th century), Men and women were blocked by heavy curtains, screens, and other furniture. In order to get to use other senses to know each other, they presented the use of olfactory cosmetics such as perfume or incense to have more effect than visual makeup and music. They could even go beyond time. Lingering fragrance (Utsuriga) was an important communication. The sensory characteristics were developed from visual and auditory to olfactory senses.

Kyoto Asanoha has a task to take the culture and its aesthetics back to our contemporary society.

Kyoto Asanoha
-Hemp Sensu & Fragrance-


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